Welcome to Bam Bam Seattle. Bam Bam are Seattle's musical M.I.A.s - This is the band that should have been!! Fronted by the brutally beautiful African American rockrgrrl Tina Bell, and led by guitarer extraordinaire Tommy Martin, Bam Bam went through a variety of notable personnel over their nearly ten year run from 1983 to 1993: Pearl Jam's & Soundgarden's Matt Cameron, SadHappy's Paul Hinklin, the Accused's Mike Peterson, Called In Sick's Scotty Buttocks, and grammy winner [no shit!] Garey Shelton, of B.B. King's band. Bam Bam and Chris Hanzsek first began working together in Autumn 1983 at Triangle Recording Studios. In 1984 Bam Bam recorded Seattle's FIRST grunge album at Reciprocal Recording Studios with producer Chris Hanzsek, {Billboard Magazine Sept 17,2011}. Chris and engineer Tina Casale went on to co-found CZ Records. Due to cost restraints, Bam Bam released the "Villains(also wear white)" EP, and the album was shelved for years. It has now been remixed and mastered by Chris Hanzsek. Playing along side or spearheading the way for Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River/Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, the Fastbacks, the U-Men, 10 Minute Warning, Malfunkshun, the Refuzors...The Melvins first "big show", (their words), was opening for Bam Bam in 1984 when Matt Lukin was their bassist, and Kurt Cobain was roadie,(and scratched Scotty's bass-ooo, the horror!). Bam Bam toured the US and Europe headlining, as well as opening for acts like Guns & Roses, Soundgarden, Yngwie Malmsteen, Temple of the Dog, Bob Mould, Joe Satriani, Alice In Chains, Faith No More, NoMeansNo, and many others before folding in 1993, when surviving members formed Mommy with Brad Mowen of the Sweaty Nipples. Over the years former Bam Bam players found themselves with artists such as Tor Deitrichson, the Fuzz, Kristen Barry, Freedom, the Runaway Trains, Autistic Screamers, Jangletown... In 2002, Called In Sick was formed with Scotty on guitar and vocals, Bam Bam's 2nd drummer Tom Hendrickson, and Scotty's son Ryan on bass. In 2010 Tommy Martin joined Called In Sick on lead guitar, and a new album is now finished with Tommy Martin producing and Chris Hanzsek mixing/mastering. Meanwhile, Bam Bam's re-discovered 1984 sessions have been remixed by Chris Hanzsek and will see release when mastering is complete.

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